1.1. This document is a public offer of Addict2Art LLC - a company having its registered office at 26/140 Klenovy blvd, Moscow, Russia,115470, administering online gallery shop «А2А» with the domain name hereinafter referred to as «Contractor», and contains all the essential terms of the provision of the services.
1.2. The Public Offer is an official document and published on the website of the Contractor at the address:
1.3. In case of payment for services, legal entity or individual thereby confirming the adoption and acceptance of the following terms of the Public Offer and becomes the Customer. The Contractor and the Customer are the Parties of the Public Offer.
1.4. Public Offer does not require signing and stamped by the Customer and maintaining full force and effect.
1.5. In connection with aforementioned, Customer must attentively read the text of this Public Offer and in case of disagreement with the terms and conditions — refuse to conclude the Public Offer and using Contractor's services.


2.1. In accordance with the terms of this Agreement, the Contractor shall provide the services specified in the invoice and the Customer undertakes to pay for these services in accordance with the invoice.


3.1. Customer makes acceptance of the Public Offer by prepaid of the Contractor's services in respect of which the Public Offer is concluded. Customer's acceptance of this Public Offer means that he/she is fully agreed with all the provisions of this Public Offer.
3.2. By acceptance of the Public Offer in the order specified in paragraph. 3.1 of the Public Offer, the Customer warrants that he/she is familiar, agree, fully and unconditionally accept all the terms of the Public Offer in the form in which they are presented.


4.1. The Contractor undertakes to:
4.1.1. Organize and ensure the proper provision of services.
4.1.2. Ensure fulfillment of order placed by the Customer on the official website of the gallery shop.
4.2. The Contractor is entitled to:
4.2.1. Unilaterally determine the value of the services provided and to change the terms of this Public Offer.
4.2.2. Independently determine the form and methods of services providing on the basis of legal requirements, technical capabilities, as well as the specific conditions of the agreement taking into account wishes of the Customer.
4.2.3. Use the services of any natural persons or legal entities, for the purpose of timely and quality fulfillment of obligations under the Agreement. Independently determine the composition of professionals providing services, and at its discretion to distribute the work between them.
4.2.4. To demand payment for rendered services or for services which are providing.
4.2.5. To refuse providing services for Customer in the case of non-payment (partial payment) for services in a timely manner, at untimely providing of the application for the provision of services.
4.2.6. To get from the Customer any information which is necessary to perform its obligations under the Agreement. In case of any incorrect or incomplete information which was provided by the Customer the Contractor is entitled to suspend performance of its obligations under the Agreement before providing the necessary information.
4.4. The Customer undertakes:
4.4.1. Timely and fully pay the cost of Contractor's providing services in the order, in time and in the amount set forth herein.
4.4.2. To provide the Contractor with all the information and data which would be necessary to fulfill its obligations under Agreement.
4.4.3. Do not disclose confidential information and other data provided by the Contractor in connection with the execution of this Agreement.
4.5. The Customer has the right to demand from the Contractor to provide information about the organization and proper ensuring of the Services provision.
4.6. For the purposes of receiving professional Contractor services, Customer agrees to provide him the following:
4.6.1. Full name of the Customer or another person receiving the service;
4.6.2. Address of the delivery;
4.6.3. Contact e-mail;
4.6.4. Contact phone number.
4.6.5. All other information needed by Contractor without which Contractor cannot provide services under this Agreement.


5.1. The costs of services are determined by the Contractor on the gallery shop website.
5.2. Payment for Services under this Agreement shall be made on the basis of 100% prepayment and in the manner prescribed by this Agreement.
5.3. The Customer is solely responsible for the accuracy of payments. The moment of payment is considered after receipt of funds to the Contractor's bank or merchant account.
5.4. Contractor reserves the right to change rates at their discretion.


6.1. The Contractor reserves the right to modify, update, add, delete, revise and change this Agreement as well as the Terms of Service at any time. Such changes are effective, and Customer agrees to be bound by such changes, by "clicking" the Accept button when placing order on the gallery shop website, or since the changes are posted to the website, whichever occurs sooner.


7.1. This Agreement will be construed in accordance with and governed by the laws of Russian Federation.
7.2. For all matters not covered in this Agreement, Parties shall be governed by the laws of of Russian Federation.


8.1. Headings are inserted for the convenience of the parties only and are not to be considered when interpreting this Agreement. Words in the singular mean and include the plural and vice versa.
8.2. The time of conclusion of this Agreement shall be the moment of payment enrollment to the Contractor's account.
8.3. The Customer enters into this Public Offer voluntarily, while the Customer:
a) fully acquainted with the conditions of the Public Offer;
b) fully understands the subject and conditions of the Public Offer;
c) fully understands the meaning and consequences of their actions in relation to the conclusion and execution of the Public Offer.
8.4. The Customer has all the rights and powers required for the conclusion and execution of the Public Offer.
8.5. The Customer may at any time unilaterally refuse the Contractor's Services. In the case of unilateral Customer's refusal from the Contractor's Services the payment is not refundable.

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